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Whether you do short-term bike rentals by the hour, the day, weekend or lease fitness equipment for the long term, we have it covered for you. Give us a call at 800-670-1736 and we'd be glad to answer any questions and schedule a no-obligation demo.

What kind of rentals do you do?

Add the short-terms rentals module to the basic bike point of sale software package and you can rent bikes, e-bikes, helmets, kayaks, dry-suits, wet-suits, really anything that you'd like to rent out for a few hours, days, a weekend or a week.

Short-Term Bike Rentals ($445)

Short-Term Rentals automates this process, enabling you to quickly determine the inventory out on rental and when it is due back.

Short-Term rental return
You can start with the basic point of sale package and build from there. This software is customizable and very flexible. Talk to us about your business and we'll help you pick the best package for you.
Long-Term rental return

We also offer a long-term rentals & sales contract module that is used to lease or rent-to-own fitness equipment or anything that will be paid off or paid for over a long-term basis. This module can be used for memberships, such as a fitness club membership.

Long-Term Rental & Sales Contracts ($745)

Do you rent to own or lease fitness equipment? This is for long term rentals or sales contracts. Contact one of our business associates at 800-670-1736 to see if this is right for you.

Want to know more?

Let one of our experts walk you through a no-obligation demo - call 800-670-1736 today.